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Our College Planning Boot Camp uses patented software career planning tools and current "best practices" in career planning and college planning to guide your student through the complicated processes required to discover, explore and plan their pathway through a rewarding college education to a job at graduation.  

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WHAT IS our College Planning Boot Camp?

Online workshop for High School students:
Three, 1-hour sessions conducted within one week.     read more
Accelerated by Pathevo® career and education decision support software.     read more
Conducted by State-certified teachers using comprehensive workshop materials.
Appropriate for students entering grades 9-12: 
        - Freshmen who have no clear idea of which college they want to attend and/or why
        - Seniors who are trying to decide which college to attend 
Two schedules to choose from: 
        - Sunday morning 10:30-11:30 AM Eastern, Tuesday and Thursday evenings 7:00-8:00 PM Eastern
        - Monday and Wednesday evenings 7:00-8:00 PM Eastern, and Saturday morning 10:30-11:30 PM Eastern
Produces step-by-step, personalized “College Action Plan”:
For discussion with parents, guidance counselors and friends
For consideration of alternatives
For tracking progress

Basic computer and internet skills
Desktop computer, Laptop, or Tablet     read more
Internet connection     read more