Pathevo® - facilitates and accelerates our College Planning Boot Camp activities:

Pathevo® is patented, cloud-based software technology developed by Owen Software Development Company in partnership with the NASA National Space Grant Foundation, the organization that distributes NASA funds to colleges and universities throughout the United States. Pathevo® accelerates the discovery, exploration, planning and tracking processes required to make well-informed career and education choices. It integrates reliable information from hundreds of public and privates sources.  It covers 340 high-demand occupations and associated academic majors, and over 4700 accredited colleges and universities.

Pathevo® provides the following functionality for College Planning Boot Camp:
  • Automatically maps the user to multiple high-demand occupations based on their range of interests, not just specific interests. 
  • Helps the user quickly explore the occupations that relate to their own interest profile: typical activities, salary ranges, current job ads, education required.
  • Helps the user explore multiple academic majors leading to a high-demand occupation that relates to their own interest profile.
  • Helps the user find the best college for them to attend and pursue their career and education choices.
  • Helps the user create a detailed College Action Plan and track progress on this plan.

Watch a short video of Pathevo® in action: 

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