College Planning Boot Camp Activities - concentrated into three, one hour online sessions conducted within one week:

Day One
  •  Map range of interests to High-Demand Occupations
  •  Explore Most Interesting Occupations mapped to Interest Profile / Choose Target Occupations
  •  Explore Current Jobs Ads for Target Occupations

Day Two
  •  Explore Academic Majors related to Target Occupations / Choose Target Majors
  •  Explore Possible Colleges for each Target Academic Major / Choose Target Colleges

Day Three
  •  Explore Possible Financial Aid for Target Colleges
  •  Create Action Plans for Target Colleges / Choose Primary Plan
  •  E-mail alternate Action Plans to parents

After Boot Camp
  •  Discuss alternate Action Plans with parents, school guidance counselors, and friends
  •  Explore Target College websites / verify target dates and update Action Plans
  •  Visit Target College campuses if possible
  •  Refine alternate Action Plans
  •  Confirm Primary Action Plan
  •  Execute Primary Action Plan / track progress
  •  "Recalculate" Primary Action Plan as necessary

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