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IntraSpec Associates has provided management consulting services since 1990.  In 2014, we saw an critical need and adapted patented workforce development software to help high school students find their pathway to a high-demand job, through the right college and academic major for them. 

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“I have been an engineer, technical manager, executive and consultant for a variety of companies. As a result, I was sought out for college advice by relatives and friends, and freely offered it to my own three children. I gave them advice based on my own experience, but what turned out well for me, rarely worked for them.   

After I stopped giving college advice, I came across Pathevo in its embryonic state, and have watched it mature. It is now to the point that I wish my children, my other relatives and the children of my friends could have attended a College Planning Boot Camp based on Pathevo, instead of listening to any one person. In hindsight, there is no way that I, or anybody that they were listening to at the time, could have effectively matched their range of interests to the careers they ultimately landed in. This is a wide-spread problem and I see an online workshop using Pathevo as a cost-effective solution to this burning need.”

Gerry Stephens, Founder and President 
IntraSpec Associates LLC

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