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WHY our College Planning Boot Camp?

Today's reality:
  • High School counselors are overloaded.     read more
  • College students change academic majors at least 3 times.     read more
  • It takes an average of almost 6 years to get a 4-year college degree in the US.     read more
  • Two extra years in college will cost $20,000 to $100,000 more than you planned.     read more
  • Almost 25% of recent college graduates are unemployed or under-employed.     read more

YOUR results from our College Planning Boot Camp:
  • A rewarding job for your student upon graduation from college
  • Improved academic performance for your student throughout high school and college
  • Increased self-motivation for your student
  • Open and well-informed discussion of possible futures with your student
  • Re-calibration of everybody's expectations

OUR College Planning Boot Camp helps your student envision their future:
   1.  Discover which high-demand occupations match their RANGE OF INTERESTS  
   2.  See what their life will be like in these high-demand occupations, and choose the best fit
   3.  Discover which college academic majors will qualify them for their chosen occupation
   4.  See what academic majors they could study in college, and choose the best fit
   5.  Discover which colleges offer the right academic major
   6.  See what their college life will be like at these colleges, and choose the best fit
   7.  Create a personalized, step-by-step plan to their chosen occupation and college
   8.  Consider alternatives