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Act NOW to help your High School student reach their full potential
  • ​Discover the right career and college major
  • Get a job after college
  • Avoid ballooning college debt
With our College Planning Boot Camp
  • 3 one-hour ONLINE sessions within 1 week
  • Appropriate for 9-12th grade students
  • Conducted by State-certified teachers
  • ​Uses patented Pathevo® education and career planning tools
  • Produces a personalized college plan for you and your student
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The College Planning Boot Camp by IntraSpec Associates LLC represents a unique and integrated approach to education and career planning. Your high school student will use patented software career planning tools to map their range of interests into several suitable high-demand occupations, to explore reliable information from public and private sources and discover what work is required for these occupations, which academic majors can lead to these occupations, and which colleges offer these academic majors. Your high school student will learn how much salary they can expect to earn in these occupations and how much their education for these occupations will cost. State-certified teaches will guide your high student through the personal exploration, discovery, decision and planning processes necessary to create a well-informed plan, with alternatives, for discussion with you and their guidance counselors, all within one week from start to finish. 

The primary benefit of the integrated education and career planning approach used in the College Planning Boot Camp is a clear view of the future for your high school student. Throughout high school, they will have a clear picture of what subject areas are important to their future, and their academic performance will be strongly self-motivated. Instead of wondering what kind of job they will be able to get when they complete their college education, they will know which occupation they are preparing for and what the employment and income prospects are for that occupation. They will have a clear idea of the academic major they want to pursue in college, and why, and will probably NOT change academic major several times during their college education. Instead of employment roulette, they will see that they can enhance their employment prospects by getting a degree in the right academic area, and from the right school, and possibly getting an internship with the right employer. They will finish their college education in 4 years, instead of the US average of 6 years, and avoid additional debt from extra years in college. They will know that they are preparing for a high-demand occupation that fits their particular range of interests, and that they will have a personally challenging and financially rewarding job waiting for them at graduation from college – and they will NOT be worrying about moving back in with their parents.  

College Planning Boot Camp is appropriate for high school students in grades 9-12. It is valuable for students who “know” exactly what they want to study and where - most college students change their academic major at least three times during their college education. It is valuable for students who have no idea of what they want to study or why – with between 250 and 500 students per high school counselor typical, your student probably needs more attention than is available.

Our College Planning Boot Camp is an on-line workshop conducted in three, one-hour sessions during a single week with your choice of convenient after-school schedules. It requires a high-speed internet connection, but your student can use a desktop computer, laptop computer or tablet to complete the workshop. The total cost is $99.00 for a limited time, and the cost includes continued access to the patented Pathevo® software education and career planning tools.

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$199 for a limited time!  Regularly $299.

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